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Student Dress Code

Guidelines for Back to School Shopping

Parents/Guardians are responsible for seeing that students wear appropriate clothing to school. The Metter Elementary School Dress Code:

1.      To prevent injury, students must wear shoes that protect their feet. Students must wear athletic shoes on days participating in physical education.  No flip-flops or "heelies" (roller skate shoes).

2.      Shirts must cover midriffs and shoulders. Muscle shirts with scooped out underarms or tops with spaghetti straps are prohibited.

3.      Clothes promoting activities inappropriate for school (such as advertisements for tobacco and alcohol, drug use, violence, wrestling, or obscenities) are prohibited.

4.      Pants must fit and be worn appropriately at the waistline.

5.      All clothing should be CLEAN and free of holes or tears.

6.      Dresses, skirts, and shorts must cover more than half of the thigh (from inseam to the end of the knee).

If children are inappropriately dressed for school, parents will be notified to immediately bring a change of clothes to comply with the dress code.

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