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Parent Resources

8 years ago

Helpful Ideas for Parents To Insure Student Success!

Student Dress Code

8 years ago

Guidelines for Back to School Shopping

Parents/Guardians are responsible for seeing that students wear appropriate clothing to school. The Metter Elementary School Dress Code:

1.      To prevent injury, students must wear shoes that protect their feet. Students must wear athletic shoes on days participating in physical education.  No flip-flops or "heelies" (roller skate shoes).

2.      Shirts must cover midriffs and shoulders. Muscle shirts with scooped out underarms or tops with spaghetti straps are prohibited.

3.      Clothes promoting activities inappropriate for school (such as advertisements for tobacco and alcohol, drug use, violence, wrestling, or obscenities) are prohibited.

4.      Pants must fit and be worn appropriately at the waistline.

5.      All clothing should be CLEAN and free of holes or tears.

6.      Dresses, skirts, and shorts must cover more than half of the thigh (from inseam to the end of the knee).

If children are inappropriately dressed for school, parents will be notified to immediately bring a change of clothes to comply with the dress code.

Because Safety Matters Most

8 years ago

Your child's safety is our first priority.  For this reason, we ask that you do not attempt to pick your child up from school during severe weather.  In the event of a tornado, or other severe weather, the school is one of the safest places of shelter.  As requested by local authorities, children will not be allowed to leave the school campus during severe weather warnings.  If you would like, you may sign in at the front office and accompany your child for the duration of the warning.

Metter K-8 Media Center

5 months ago

  The Metter K-8 Media Center philosophy is that all students deserve assistance in developing an understanding of their personal strengths and a passion for literature and learning.  Our goal is to encourage all children, even those that consider themselves non-readers, to develop a love for literature by exposing them to a variety of genres in fun, creative, and interesting ways.  The library is a place for questioning and exploration to find answers.  It is our mission to provide the environment and resources that encourage learning opportunities that inspire students to be life long readers and learners.  

 Miranda Thigpen

 Metter K-8 Media Specialist

Principal's Corner

5 months ago

Metter Elementary Principal


Mrs. Monicca Bohannon

Principal's Corner

MES Promise Statement

Value Promise


We are passionate leaders charged with the awesome and challenging task of leading the MES staff as we strive to serve all students that are entrusted to us. We promise to lead with grace, dignity and humility and to embrace a “new perspective” about the students and families that we serve. We believe and are committed to the vision and mission of the school district. We will work to build teacher leaders and build capacity within our staff. We promise to value you, as individuals, and to lead with our hearts, not just our minds. We believe that in coming together with a common purpose, we can do great things that will lead to success for the staff, students and families of Metter Elementary School.

We the administrators at MES, promise to add value to MES by doing the following:

·         Fostering and facilitating collaboration among all faculty members

·         Leading and supporting all C-I-A efforts

·         Attending and supporting Professional Learning Community work

·         Being “accessible leaders” and to value people and relationships

·         Evaluating teacher performance consistently, fairly, honestly, and timely with specific feedback given to ensure teacher growth.

·         Working diligently with parents and faculty to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community; characterized by child centered instruction, academic excellence, trust, respect and community development